Racebike RC-SBK-M


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Model: RC-SBK-M

Fully assembled and race-ready motorcycle by alpha Racing.
A thoroughbred Superbike, built for the racetracks of this planet. The racebike for pro riders impresses with its uncompromising equipment and the consistent focus on maximum performance in all areas. This model forms the spearhead of our racebike collection and is specially designed for use in international and national Superbike Championships.

+ Fully assembled
+ Race-ready
+ M Race Calibration Kit by BMW Motorrad Motorsport included
+ Equipped with alpha Racing Performance Parts
+ Tailored to the costumer
+ Special and additional equipment available

The bike
The racebike is based on OEM components of a BMW M 1000 RR K66 (engine, main frame, etc.) and is completed with alpha Racing Performance Parts.
Technical data and parts list

Run-in service
Before delivery every racebike is given an extensive running-in process for the new engine and subsequent performance measurement on the dynamometer. In addition, after the running-in process, the running-in engine oil is exchanged for a fully synthetic engine oil recommended by BMW Motorrad and the oil filter is renewed. A check of the gearbox ensures that the gear shift function is working properly.
+ Engine run-in process
+ Dynamometer performance measurement
+ Oil and oil filter change
+ Gearbox check

Please note
+ Racetrack bike, not for road use
+ Racebike by alpha Racing, not a BMW Motorrad vehicle

Special Equipment

  • Carbon Package SBK


    The carbon package wraps the bike in high-quality carbon. All bodywork components are replaced by aerodynamically optimized prepreg carbon parts. The perfect weight-to-strength ratio ensures increased protection for parts that are sensitive to falls, as well as increased performance thanks to the weight savings.

    The carbon package includes:
    – Carbon bodywork kit 6-piece
    – Carbon front fender
    – Carbon airbox cover
    – Carbon race tail incl. seat
    – Carbon frame covers
    – Assembly material


Additional Equipment

  • Pitbox Package SBK


    The package contains many practical service products for use on site at the racetrack. In addition to the interface components for the bike electronics, the package includes special tools for setting the bike geometry, a high-quality tyre warmer set, assembly bike stands and other accessories for the perfect appearance in the pitbox.

    The pitbox packages includes:
    – M Race Calibration Kit interface module
    – Adapter cable round connector ICOM – OBD2 plug
    – Enet interface cable for Motec dashboard, Ethernet/OBD2
    – Front bike stand
    – Footrest support stand kit
    – Engine stand
    – Transportation rack racing fuel tank
    – Ride height tool kit
    – Special tool for fuel tank cap
    – Assembly assistance front axle
    – Tyre warmer kit >EVO< Superbike
    – Bike carpet
    – Bike cover


    Drive Train Package SBK


    The drive train package offers a variety of transmission options (final drive) for different racetracks and driving styles. The package includes three different chain sprockets (15-17) and aluminum sprockets from 38 to 46 teeth. Also included are an additional racing chain from D.I.D. pitch 520, matching chain locks and sprocket lock washers.

    The drive train package includes:
    – Front sprockets, T= 15/16/17
    – Rear sprockets, T= 38/39/40/41/42/43/44/45/46
    – D.I.D 520 ZVM-X (G&G) racing chain
    – 5x D.I.D master link
    – 5x Sprocket lock washer


    Spare Wheels Package SBK


    The spare wheels package offers a complete set of replacement wheels from OZ Motorbike. The aluminum wheels are delivered pre-assembled and are equipped with brake discs, sensor rings for the wheel speed and sprocket carrier. A set of aluminium sprockets from 41 to 45 teeth completes the package and allows a wide variety of transmission options.

    The spare wheels package includes:
    – OZ Motorbike Cattiva RS-A wheel set 3,5″/6,0″ x 17″
    – Brake discs front, 321 x 6 mm
    – Brake disc rear,  220 x 5 mm
    – Rear sprockets, T= 41/42/43/44/45 (for OZ Motorbike wheels)

    – Wheel speed sensor rings
    – Assembly material


Service Packages

  • Setup Package


    This service package includes an individually tailored racebike and an introduction to the software management of the M Race Calibration Kit. Personal training to the extensive motorsport kit electronics (M RCK) as well as a mapping individually tailored to the customer. In addition, the suspension elements and the ride height are adapted to the rider.

    The setup package includes:
    – M Race Calibration Kit training
    – Individual ECU mapping
    – Suspension setup
    – Ride height setup

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